The above Equipment Packages are pre-packaged systems and could cost more depending on the customers needs.



Crime and vandalism are on the rise in almost every area of our country. Single family homes, rural farms, condo's, apartment buildings and new home construction sites are among the most hit. Businesses are not immune to the destructive and costly invasion of vandalism and theft.

We here at SecurityVideoContractors have the experience and equipment to help make your life or business a whole lot more secure. 

We have four equipment programs to select from: Silver Package, perfect for most single family homes, apartments or condo's; Gold Package for larger homes or small businesses; Platinum Package for mid to large businesses and condo's; and our Stop Them Cold Package!

We will be glad to develop a video security package for you.  We also provide installation and real time monitoring as an added feature of our service.  If you are ready to increase you personal or business security then please fill out our Online Form on our Contacts page.  We look forward to helping secure your future!



16 Camera Stop Them Cold Package $5,279.00